Friday, February 26, 2016

The Five Times I Met Myself

It took a while to read this book because of my chaotic life right now, but every time I began reading, I did not want to stop. I am a slow reader and will lose interest quickly if a story does not take off quickly. This one captured my interest right away.

I immediately liked the main character, Brock. Pretty straight-laced, but felt shadowed by his sibling, Ron.  I also fell in love with his nutty, smart-mouthed friend, Morgan. The story takes off when Brock’s dad appears to him in a dream. This dream feels like a nightmare to Brock. There are clues to the reason, but not really apparent at this time. Then Brock attends his high school reunion. He runs into his old girlfriend and an old rival. These two people end up being major players in the story. Again, not evident at first.

The real excitement begins when Morgan, Brock’s best friend, gives him a book on lucid dreaming. Brock does not really think it will work, but when he decides to put it into practice, he is in for a surprise.

Each time he dreams and meets his younger self, he changes things in the present, and not for the better. He keeps dreaming to correct the change that was made and he makes things worse. Finally, he has to realize that he must fix things in the present.

This book had my heart pumping at times because I was anxious to see what changes were made when Brock woke up each time. There was a point in the book where I thought, “this should be the end of the book”, but I am glad it was not.

The ending was a bit lackluster, but overall, a good read. I recommend it to anyone who wishes they could go back and change things in their life instead of allowing God to work with where you are.